Pharmaceutical Company System
  • With SQLServer2000 + C # (.NET 2.0) development.
  • Procurement Management: Purchasing inbound to add, modify procurement warehousing, procurement warehousing confirmation, purchase a single detail query storage
  • Sales Management: sales contract to add, amend the sales contract, the contract of sale details information, sales of new shipments, sales delivery changes to a database to confirm, receiving receipts, sales details check out the library
  • Warehouse management: shifting a single library to add, move bank details inquiry, library-loss orders to add, library-loss orders set aside, library-loss orders detail query, batch adjustment, storage single query, withdrawn query.
  • Invoice management: purchase invoices to add, modify the purchase invoices, purchase invoices void, purchase invoices details inquiry; sales invoices to add, modify sales invoices, sales invoices invalid, Sales Invoice Detail Search.
  • Receivables Management: Sales receivables to add, change sales receipts, sales receipts to confirm, sales of receivables void, sales receivables Details Query
  • Sales Refund: Refund added sales, marketing refund modify, sales refund void, sales refund details query
  • Payment Management: Procurement of payment added, procurement of payment changes, procurement set aside for payment, purchase payment details check
  • Other receivables: Other accounts receivable to add, modify other receivables, other receivables void, other accounts receivable details query
  • Cost Management: a base cost adjustment to add, a base cost adjustment will become void and details check out the library cost, inventory cost adjustment to add, inventory cost adjustment aside, inventory cost adjustment details query
  • Systems management: functional management, parameter management, operator management, license management, audit settings, log management, change passwords, table settings, on this system, exit the system