OZZO Technology

OZZO Technology (HK) Limited, called “OZZO” hereafter, newly established in 2007, offering transport, traffic and logistics consultancy services. OZZO provides planning, engineering, modelling and due diligence study supporting  by our experienced team members, who have worked on different projects such as road works, water works, drainage works, slope protection works, buildings, railways, ports, airports and expressways.

Crossing Over

OZZO has pioneered a number of innovations crossing over several systems. For example, our Geographical Information System (GIS) is used for traffic and transportation planning as well as engineering. The OZZOmap system integrates conventional traffic analysis with a web-based and map-server system, while our Geographical Analysis System (GAS) is revolutionising survey analysis. Our Survey Analysis Pro (SAPro) System, has been used successfully in several Transport Department commissions.
OZZO commonly uses 3D modelling for traffic and transportation projects, including 3D Swept Path analysis for road topography in traffic engineering design. OZZO is now developing an interactive agent-based model simulating traffic demand and congestion for both vehicular and marine traffic.
OZZO has developed its own computing application to solve some complicated computing process for traffic projects. Some of the projects include:


To support transport department public transport survey projects.


A Web-based GIS summarising Transport Department’s Annual Traffic Census Data provided in the website.


A Web-based GIS to summarize the temporary traffic management schemes proposed by the contractors.