Temporary Traffic Arrangement at North Lautau Highway

Project Name: Temporary Traffic Arrangement at North Lautau Highway

Ultimate Client: Tarzan Landscape Contractors Ltd

Project Year: 2016-2017

Project Description:

A) TTM Design and Submission

i) Design of temporary traffic management schemes (TTMS) that would be required for two fast lanes closure to facilitate tree trimming works at North Lantau Highway and Airport Road.

ii) Prepare TTMS to be submitted for Transport Department (TD), Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) and Highways Department.

iii)Undertake traffic surveys and data collection for the design of TTMS if required.

v) Obtain approval of the proposed TTMS and closely liaise with relevant authorities including Transport Department, Hong Kong Police Force, and Highways Department etc if required.

vi) Prepare draft traffic advice if required.

B) TTM Implementation

vii)   Supply, Install and remove of TTM as per the design in Item A, which installs traffic cones, traffic signs, Flashing Arrow Signs and FAS vehicle whenever necessary for transporting TTM materials.  Please note variable message sign is not included.

viii)   Visit RMO for applying for Road Work Advice


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